What is good website design means ?

In simple words , a good website is a web site that is Search Engines friendly and attracts visitors to come back again to it.

Many people think in good website as the website that has just fancy UI and colors, that is probably attract people for few seconds , but if they do not find the information they need , then they will leave it and just forget it … as example, there are a lot of websites that have better UI than  facebook , but no one is caring about them because people do not find what they need in them , while they find it in facebook.

Having the website as Search Engines Friendly ( Search Engine Optimized – SEO ) , is an other factor in good website design because search engines are the entry point of  your website,  people search the internet whenever they need any information through search engines ,   if your site is optimized for search engines and if it is highly ranked , then you win the chance to drive customers to your website , if they find what they need then you win them as returning customer to your website.

User Friendly and easy navigation is an other important factor , visitors should be able to reach the information they need within your website easily and quickly  .

In summary, SEO and Informative website are the major key factors in a good web site design . However, User friendly is an other factor … Reasonable UI  is important as well , but you should not only focus on UI as only factor of good website design.

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